LabelVision 20/20: Technical Notes

How To Keep Link Information for Text Files that have Moved to New Locations
This technical note explains how to move text files without having to go through the entire linking process.

When DBTools creates a link to a text file, it creates a file by the name of Schema.ini; this file resides in the same folder as the linked text file and contains the structure of the link. The full path to your text file is stored in the DBTools .ldx database file.

When you move your text file, be sure to also move Schema.ini to the new location.

If you have moved your linked text files, you must "refresh" your link from your .ldx database file. The following explains how to do so without having to redefine all of the link information:

  1. Open your .ldx database in DBTools. You will be taken into the Database View.
  2. From the File Menu option select Get External Data, then Link to File.
  3. In the Link dialog box, select Text Files from Files of Type, then browse to the new location of your text file and double-click the appropriate file.
  4. Click Next in the Link Text Wizard; Don't worry about the type of text file or any of its fields. Simply accept the defaults by clicking Next.
  5. In the Create Table prompt, make sure the table name is the same as the existing link, then click Finish.
  6. Respond YES to DBTools Query 3200 ('Table 'TableName' already exists. Do you want to replace it?')
  7. Respond NO to DBTools Query 3201 ('A text link specification for 'FileName.txt' already exists in 'Schema.ini'. Do you want to replace it?') - it is important that you respond with NO, otherwise you will overwrite Schema.ini, which will result in loss of the link file definition.

Once these steps are completed, the text file path (which is stored in the .ldx database file) will be set to the new location. To test the link, select it in the DBTools Database View, then click Open. You should be taken to the Datasheet view and see the text file contents.

For more information about Schema.ini and to learn how to modify the properties of a linked text file, refer to the LabelVision online help topic "Modifying the properties of a linked text file"

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